The S.P.i.C Podcast EP4: Pockets Full Of Soup

In this solo edition of the I’m Black, He’s Mexican Podcast The SoulPapo InCogneto Podcast SoulPapo goes in on female/male equality, politics/bull shit business as usual, other WTFnews.


The S.P.i.C podcast EP3: Deep Roots

In this episode of The Soul Papo In Cogneto podcast i discuss things ranging from Johnny Depp wanting to solve the murder of 2pac and biggie, to the fuckery that is the “lesser of two evils” and how she has your favorite trap stars endorsing her. We must have all forgotten about the super thug comments, and shes using modern day mandingos to do her bidding… sit on that, and enjoy!

The SPICpodcast EP2: Hatred is Rudimentary

The solo Dick version of the IBHMpodcast brings you The S.P.i.C podcast EP2 In this episode of the Soul.Papo.In.Cogneto podcast SoulPapo goes over the netflix endless search loop, the mandella effect, this seasons trick or treat fuckery and some WTF news that’ll make you squirt one way or another.