The S.P.i.C podcast EP12: 1st World Negro Spirituals

In this Episode of The Soul Papo In Cogneto Podcast, Ol’Dirty Dick the Spic goes on about how retailers can see inside your shopping cart, both digitally and physically, some WTFnews ranging from dolphins getting high with blow fishies to a FL man making/stealing Billions in the name of JESUS. A list of video games that turned 20years old.

The S.P.i.C Podcast EP11: AltFacts is Like a Meme, What you make iT

In this solo edition of the I’m Black, He’s Mexican Podcast, In This Episode of The SoulPapo InCogneto Podcast i give a quick shout out to TRUMP & bring up some WTFnews that grabs pussies, bans prudes, and tickles the assholes of the perverted and curious alike! A maybe not so fresh Episode of “Just Turned 20!”