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Nintendo Master Race

Today we discuss Breathe of the Wild from the Nintendo Switch. WiiU’s and all sorts of gaming nerdism.

JetPack JoyRide: Casino Down, Sorry :(

Todays Topic

Lady hits a jackpot at her local casino
They told her the machine was malfunctioned
And they have keep it moving.

-HeWhoRunsWithWolves said it so it must be true!

in the background

@soulpapo plays:
Jetpack Joyride on the PS3
also on every platform imaginable, seriously

-Simple and addicting. Fun on the go, on your phone.

Little Big Planet: Of Narcissism – The Star Wars Effect

Today’s Topic

Why are we so interested in our selves, and require attention?
Some people say Star Wars is to blame!
I’m not famous yet, but i will be, Help Me!

in the background

@soulpapo plays:
Little Big Planet on the PS3
a sony exclusive, psp, vita, PS4
-Perfect for the whole family