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New Jay Electronica, but Do We Still Care?

Jay Electronica drops Letter to Falon during the NBA Finals. 8 years removed from Exhibit C, the question is do we still care. Also we discuss that Badu Box and the change it has on the men who encounter it.

When Keeing It Real Goes Wrong by YG

In a case of ‘When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong’, YG’s ‘Meet The Flockers’ track may be adding to home invasions in Chinese communities due to lyrics like
“ First, you find a house and scope it out/
Find a Chinese neighborhood,
cause they don’t believe in bank accounts.”

50 Cent Punches Female Concertgoer

While performing a fan grabbed 50 Cent’s hand and made him fall off the stage. In retaliation, he swings a punch and hits the person, a female concertgoer. They must make up because she joins them on stage and twerks.

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