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In this clip of the I’m Black, He’s Mexican Podcast Arizona Verse & Soul Papo wax philosophically about and overdue copy of Freddy Got Fingered leading to a mans arrest.

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Kung Fu Furries

Todays Topic

Tony the Tiger and his twitter fingers and paws.
Theres a thing called furries.
And unless you’re one of these freaky-leaky ppl
You’re going to have to listen to find out about it.

in the background

@soulpapo plays:
Kung Fu Rabbit on the WiiU
this game is also available for the Nintendo 3DS
maybe even android and iOS
look it up!

All this is happening while talking about some true “ish” with
@adifferentstateofblack on the @imblackhesmexican

Smash Bros WiiU: A date for 3 (Story Time with Verse & Papo)

Todays Topic

We visit Reddit
And find out how a one night stand hook up
turns into something a little more than bargained for.
3 is never a crowd, but can be a little awkward.
At least for one of the three

in the background

@SoulPapo plays:
Smash Bros WiiU Edition aka SSB4 for the WiiU by Nintendo & Every other DLC character Publisher
this game is also available for the Nintendo 3DS

Herpes Highschool Wrestling & Raving Rabbids Toilet Humor

Todays Topic

A high school student contracts herpes
not from the thots in school
but the wrestling mat he shares with his homies
just like a the thots in school

in the background

@soulpapo plays:
Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii by Ubisoft
on the Nintendo WiiU also available on almost every other last gen platforms
or it might have had sequels come out everywhere else after this release.  

all this is happening while talking about some true “ish” with
@adifferentstateofblack on the @imblackhesmexican

Ever mispronounce something? Well this four year old caused a stir when they mispronounced ‘cucumber’ as ‘cooker bomb.

The nursery referred the case to Channel, a Government counter-radicalisation programme, but the mother refused: “She was adamant I had to sign it and I said, ‘well I’m not going to because I don’t agree with what you’ve written’, and I said ,I’m not a terrorist, my son is not a terrorist’.”

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