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D.C. Bar Serving ‘Pill Cosby’ Drinks

This week came word that a new bar in Washington, D.C. was serving a cocktail called the “Pill Cosby.” The tequila-based, hibiscus beverage is garnished with a lime and giant, empty pill capsules. The bar, called Diet Starts Monday, is an experimental concept restaurant that features menu items like a “fried chicken sandwich on a glazed donut bun with plantains.” It is also a retail store that sells sneakers and shirts with tongue-in-cheek phrases like “I only work out to fit designer clothes.” The store’s co-founders, Davin Gentry, John Geiger and Kevin “Scooty” Hallums, say the drink’s name was designed to bring awareness to drugging in bars, the Washingtonian reports. “It lets people be a little more aware,” says Gentry. Visitors to the restaurant seem more than aware about the disgusting use of date-rape drugs. “Came in here really excited to try the delicious chicken,” a reviewer on Yelp writes. “Then I was reminded of the time a stranger drugged my drink, took me to a hotel room and raped me while I was awake but I could not move or scream.” Update: This drink has since been removed from the bar’s menu.