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Flint Water Still Bad? Blame The F*cking N*****s

An official with a publicly funded land bank in Flint, Michigan, blamed the city’s water crisis on “f*cking n*****s” who fail to pay their bills.

Episode 108: Little Red Covfefe

In this edition, Arizona Verse & Soul Papo join forces to wax philosophically about going to a Trump Rally on LSD, 1984, Shrooms are the safest drug for recreational use, man tricks women with fake porn rehearsals, Court rules strippers are not therapists, New Jay Electronica but do we still care, Stripper’s Olympics, Bill Maher calls himself a house n*gg*r, Kathy Griffen career may be over after offensive decapitated Trump head photo, cultural appropriating demon leaves Miley Cyrus’s body for Katy Perry’s, Flint’s water crisis would be over if n*gg*rs paid their bills, is covfefe an Arabic message, Pray for London, Pray for Kabul, Googling your name may be unsavoury, Youtube killing content creators ad revenues and of course.. dedications.

This episode is dedicated to..

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