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Damn Kendrick 4 Classics?

Not even weeks out from Kendrick Lamar’s latest album titled Damn and some people are already calling it a classic. Kendrick’s mom chimes in with a brazy review on his newest release as well.

Aaron Hernandez Out for Season

On the morning of the New England Patriots trip to the White House, it was announced Aaron Hernandez hung himself. 3 handwritten notes, a bible scripture and a gay allegation later all we know right now is he dead y’all.

Bill O’Reilly Fired, Hold Applause

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. After multiple sexual harassment claims and the recent history within Fox News, advertisers backed away from Bill O’Reilly’s show which lead to Fox releasing him. Funny how he cost Ludacris his Pepsi gig 12 years ago and while he has been fired, Luda is sitting at the top of the box office.

The S.P.i.C Podcast EP17: DAMN DONALD

This solo edition of the I’m Black He’s Mexican Podcast: The Soul Papo In Cogneto podcast I have a special guest, i use to work with when i was at a homeless/domestic violence shelter, slaying mentally disabled hoes, Mr. DSC, is back at it again to chop it up about some California living, old white ladies using the N word, food manipulation, healthy living, jap/nerd culture, musicals, living digitally, marriage, religion, and how retards make the world go round. Def an interesting episode…