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Pray For Manchester

Ariana Grande recently had a concert in Manchester and as concert goers were leaving towards the exit an explosive went off. Here is the timeline the day of the event as reported by TMZ: 3:25 PM PT – Several people present – including actress Julie Hesmondhalgh from “Coronation Street” – say there was no explosion but rather a loud bang, which created a stampede and people were injured trying to get out of the facility. 3:30 PM PT – London police just said, “Emergency services responding to serious incident at Manchester Arena. Avoid the area.” 3:45 PM PT – Greater Manchester Police say there are a “number of confirmed fatalities and others injured.” It’s unclear if the injuries are from the stampede or from a blast. 4:15 PM PT – Law enforcement says at least 20 people are dead. A video posted on social media purportedly shows a flash in the arena (left side of above video), and then a boom is heard. 4:25 PM PT – People connected with the show tell us they heard what sounded like an explosion in the rotunda area where merchandise is sold – in the venue but outside the seating area. There was an immediate stampede for the exits. 4:50 PM PT – Police are now treating this as a terrorist act. There are reports the explosive device was a “nail bomb” … which explains the images of victims, several bleeding profusely on the scene. 3:15 AM PT – The death toll has risen to 22.