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In this clip of the I’m Black, He’s Mexican Podcast Arizona Verse & Soul Papo wax philosophically about Master P putting Kobe Bryant on blast while Lamar Odom is hospitalization; Bryant Responds

Master P, who considered himself “a mentor” to former Los Angeles Lakers player Lamar Odom, offered criticism to those who have found themselves at the athlete’s bedside after he was hospitalized this week.

The No Limit Records founder spoke on there being a surplus of “fake and phony people” surrounding Odom, after he was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel.

“The truth of the matter is there’s so many fake and phony people out here now,” Master P said while speaking with TMZ. “It goes to show when something happens to ya. Everybody’s his friend, everybody love ‘em. But was that true? I don’t think so. That’s like my wife and her lawyer sitting by my bedside if something happened to me. It ain’t real.”

Kobe Bryant has seemingly responded to criticism he has received for his treatment of former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Lamar Odom.

The shooting guard posted on Twitter about helping those in need.

“#Justpray,” Bryant writes. “When WE feel the need to question the support of others in moments as critical as a life hanging in the balance, then we must question the kind of culture we have created that has led US to such insensitive suspicion.”

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Master P Says He Saved Snoop Dogg’s Life By Signing Him To No Limit

In this clip of the IBHM Podcast Arizona Verse & Soul Papo wax philosophically about Master P saying he saved Snoop Dogg’s life by signing him to No Limit.

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