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D.C. Bar Serving ‘Pill Cosby’ Drinks

This week came word that a new bar in Washington, D.C. was serving a cocktail called the “Pill Cosby.” The tequila-based, hibiscus beverage is garnished with a lime and giant, empty pill capsules. The bar, called Diet Starts Monday, is an experimental concept restaurant that features menu items like a “fried chicken sandwich on a glazed donut bun with plantains.” It is also a retail store that sells sneakers and shirts with tongue-in-cheek phrases like “I only work out to fit designer clothes.” The store’s co-founders, Davin Gentry, John Geiger and Kevin “Scooty” Hallums, say the drink’s name was designed to bring awareness to drugging in bars, the Washingtonian reports. “It lets people be a little more aware,” says Gentry. Visitors to the restaurant seem more than aware about the disgusting use of date-rape drugs. “Came in here really excited to try the delicious chicken,” a reviewer on Yelp writes. “Then I was reminded of the time a stranger drugged my drink, took me to a hotel room and raped me while I was awake but I could not move or scream.” Update: This drink has since been removed from the bar’s menu.


Episode 107: They Live

In this edition of the I’m Black, He’s Mexican Podcast, Arizona Verse & Soul Papo join forces to wax philosophically about a Psilocybin trip, it’s possible role in the origin Christianity, Wack 100 and Treach beef gets scary, Pop Up bar in Washington D.C. is serving ‘Pill Cosby’ cocktails, the horrible new trend Stealthing you, unfortunately need to know about, explosion at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, Donald Trump meets with Saudi Arabi officials and a mysterious sinkhole opens up in front of the ‘Winter White House’, more evidence of the End Days.

Episode 106: Black Holes Are the Ctrl Alt Delete of the Universe

In this edition of the I’m Black, He’s Mexican Podcast, Arizona Verse & Soul Papo join forces to wax philosophically about detoxing, a recent arrest, Joe Budden vs Happiness, Drake has pregnancy rumors, Funk Flex disrespects 2pac in the name of Biggie, ICP biting Chicken Soup for the Soul lyrics, racism by race, YG inspiring robberies, Stephen Colbert being investigated over ‘homophobic’ Trump joke, Aaron Hernandez writes illuminati on prison wall in blood, hockey fights more frequent with fighting being illegal in the NHL, there’s a ‘Bullet’ Black Hole flying through the universe, Uber App tracking more location information than you know, Facebook wants to read your mind and of course..

This episode is dedicated to..

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