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US Bombs Syria, Still Doesn’t Want Refugees

After refusing to allow Syrian Refugees the ability to flee their war torn land, Trump decides to bomb Syria because they killed some of those people.


Episode 104: Big Things, Small Packages

Today we wax philosophically about white cashier racism, Kendrick’s new album cover brought to you by MS Paint, Hip Hop needs multiple genres within the Billboard Charts, Smart Vibrator’s being tracked, Chinese Engineer marries his robot, 50 Cent punches women, she gets on stage and twerks, Jay Z removes discography from Spotify/Apple Music, Republician Governor caught up in sex scandal, what a surprise, Oregon want’s to life ban on duels, T-Rex turns out to be sensitive lover, Marijuana raids have killed more people than marijuana, United Airlines doctor drug off of airplane convicted of exchanging drugs for sex, 11 pound blunt washes up on Daytona Beach, book burning starts 700 acre brush fire in Florida, Briana Renee wants to be a 3’8″ model, US drops bombs in Syria, Putin calling false flag and of course..

This episode is dedicated to..

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