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adSoB EP4: Faketriotism

In this edition of A Different State of Black Arizona Verse discusses his recent therapy classes, NFL owner compares his players to ‘inmates,’ says they should not be permitted to kneel during National Anthem, Colin Kaepernick files grievance against the NFL for collusion, Judge expunges killing of Terence Crutcher from acquitted police officer’s record, white woman threatens officers with knife after they refuse to arrest her, ‘White Lives Matter’ rallies: Opponents outnumber white nationalists at Tennessee shout fests, Washington Post identifies Russian-linked professor with ties to former Trump aide, rights groups appalled by Trump’s reported quip that Pence wants to hang gays, Kevin Spacey sexually assaults 14-year-old boy than changes the headline by coming out of the closet, Harvey Weinstein disputes Lupita Nyong’o’s account of sexual harassment, Vince Staples insists he didn’t call Eminem “Trash”, just his BET cypher, Post Malone responds to “Rockstar” chart controversy, Amazon Key asks if you’d let a stranger into your home, the first-ever robot citizen — a humanoid named Sophia who once said it would ‘destroy humans’, Dallas paper shares some of what we know from the newly released JFK docs, for the first time in 7,000 years, warm waters are rising up from the deep oceans around Antarctica and of course.. dedications..


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Immortal feat. Joe Budden

Freddy Got Fingered with a Warrant for his Arrest

In this clip of the I’m Black, He’s Mexican Podcast Arizona Verse & Soul Papo wax philosophically about and overdue copy of Freddy Got Fingered leading to a mans arrest.

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In this clip of the I’m Black, He’s Mexican Podcast Arizona Verse & Soul Papo wax philosophically about Jared Fogle sentencing.

Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was sentenced Thursday to more than 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to federal charges related to child pornography and sexual conduct involving minors.

Fogle faced two counts: traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor, and distribution and receipt of child pornography.

“How do you plead to the charges?” U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Walton Pratt asked Fogle on Thursday at the federal courthouse in Indianapolis, according to the Indianapolis Star.

“Guilty,” Fogle replied.

Pratt sentenced him to 15 years and eight months behind bars, according to the Associated Press.

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In this clip of the I’m Black, He’s Mexican Podcast Arizona Verse & Soul Papo wax philosophically about people with religious upbringings are less generous according to new study.

Instilling a strong sense of religious faith in your children probably won’t turn them into saints. If anything, it might make them less altruistic than kids who grow up in a nonreligious home.

That’s the perhaps counterintuitive conclusion reached by a new study published Thursday in Current Biology. Testing over 1,000 kids from a diverse variety of countries and religious backgrounds on a sharing task, the study authors found a noticeable generosity gap between those religious and nonreligious, a gap that only increased the more religious their households were. They also found that religious kids were more likely to be judgemental and to advocate harsher punishments for being wronged by others.

“Some past research had demonstrated that religious people aren’t more likely to do good than their nonreligious counterparts,” said lead author Jean Decety of the University of Chicago in a statement. “Our study goes beyond that by showing that religious people are less generous, and not only adults but children too.”